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Thalia Street Reconstruction

Size of Project

6.5 Acres


New Orleans, LA


1400 Baronne LLC




It’s not everyday we get to pave the way for a new neighborhood.

The parking lot of the former Brown’s Dairy Milk Processing Plant in Central City was demolished to make way for a new housing development.

In order to make way for the new complex, the parking lot was demolished so that Thalia Street could be reconstructed. RNGD’s Infrastructure team performed the demolition services, installed 450-linear-feet of new 8” waterline and performed sewer and storm drainage repairs. To build the new roadway, the Infrastructure team then installed 800-tons of limestone base, 500-tons of asphalt cement concrete paving, 800-feet of concrete curb and gutter, and 4,000-square-feet of concrete sidewalks.

The result is a smooth and beautiful street that now reconnects Baronne and Carondelet Streets and has turned into a bustling residential neighborhood.