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Ryder Systems Inc. Truck Rental Upgrades

Size of Project

4.5 Acres


Elmwood, LA


Ryder Systems, Inc.




Layers of expert consideration.

A parking lot is more than an open space. It’s a symbol of growth, built on layers of expert consideration. Ryder Truck Systems, a commercial rental and transport company, required additional space for their rental trucks, trailers, and vehicles due to increased demand for their services. After acquiring property adjacent to its own, Ryder was ready to grow its footprint in Elmwood, Louisiana.  RNGD’s Infrastructure Team, which only served RNGD’s commercial clients exclusively, was engaged as the Design-Assist general contractor for the 5-acre expansion. As their first standalone infrastructure project for a private entity, this marked a new chapter for both the team and the company. After all, raising the bar in construction means excelling in all facets. And in New Orleans, good infrastructure work never goes unnoticed.

Deliverables for the best budget.

Working with WDG Architects, the team collaborated with the client to establish a strategy to deliver the project within the best budget. To prep the new site and combine it with the acquired property, five metal buildings formerly used for lumber supply were demolished. Asbestos abatement followed, along with soil testing to check for quality and ensure the plan could move forward. An equipment fleet consisting of 20-ton excavators and 110-horsepower bulldozers was deployed to remove 5,000 cubic yards of existing soil and achieve design contours. Next, the site’s subgrade was modified to create the proposed elevations using GPS-equipped bulldozers with an accuracy of up to one inch. Geotextile fabrics and grids were layered onto the subgrade to support the static and dynamic weights of surface vehicles, and PVC pipes containing wires for the site’s electric light poles were installed. Our team then brought in 9,000 tons of crushed limestone aggregate (roughly 550 loads at 16 tons per load) and installed it within one-sixteenth of an inch using robotic laser grading technology. 3,600 feet of concrete curbs were created using a slipform paving machine, followed by 137,000 square feet of asphalt parking and paving.

Proper drainage.

A passing rainstorm may not be cause for alarm in most places. In Greater New Orleans, it has the chance of causing a major flooding event. Hardscape surfaces, such as Ryder’s new lot, require a proper drainage system that can draw down the water of the lot while not overburdening the city’s drainage system. The Infrastructure Team installed 5,000 cubic feet of stormwater retention system under the lot’s surface to meet this crucial need. The team dug down to the natural surface, digging an additional four feet further in one area to create a rectangular excavation. Within the space, they installed a series of rows consisting of 36-inch diameter corrugated metal pipes. Altogether, the pipes formed a chamber that would guide the water through a pathway but delay its impact on the municipality’s system.

A new chapter.

On this project, the core elements may have been buried under grid and crushed stone, but the surface details were no less crucial. Concrete turning pads were embedded to counteract the effects of truck turning point weight, which can cause the surface to heave and rut. Concrete offers a more rigid surface and stops this deterioration, ensuring the lot’s continued strength over time. Other finishing elements included landscaping, fencing, lighting, gate installation, striping for 135 parking spaces, and the addition of electric charging stations for refrigerated trucks. With those final touches, Ryder’s lot extension was delivered in six months. For the client, this meant moving forward as a business. For RNGD’s Infrastructure Team, it was the launch of a new chapter and an opportunity to set the stage for better things to come.