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Parc des Familles Multi-Purpose Sports Fields

Size of Project

10 Acres


Marrero, LA


Jefferson Parish Recreation Department




Completed in 2023


Meyer Engineers LTD


Enhancing Jefferson Parish’s natural gem.

Nestled in the heart of lower Jefferson Parish, fourteen miles from New Orleans’ bustling Central Business District, is the extraordinary Parc Des Familles. Since its conception in 2000, the park’s potential has evolved into a treasured community gem and continues to attract residents to the area. The Jefferson Parish Recreation Department envisioned an enhancement project aimed at offering more recreational opportunities to the community and traveling teams of all sports. With several baseball fields already in place, their attention turned toward expanding the park’s footprint with four additional multi-purpose fields with stadium lighting and irrigation. Requiring massive earthwork and expertise in water flow and drainage, RNGD’s own infrastructure team was selected to develop the fields after a public bidding process. Though RNGD is known primarily for our activity in Orleans Parish, we viewed this project as a golden opportunity to broaden our presence in Jefferson Parish and contribute to an area where many of our team members reside.

Adjust and optimize.

Infrastructure shines in unseen elements, even if it rests under layers of dirt and grass. The project’s initial phase entailed substantial earthwork, including the removal of the top six inches of soil from the fields with excavated material repurposed for later use. The preconstruction team meticulously calculated the precise amount of sand required to achieve the project’s leveling objectives. During preparation, the infrastructure team encountered disparities between on-site elevations and the project’s plans. Rather than requesting a change order, the team analyzed the elements and proposed an effective solution to balance the elevation, all without incurring any additional cost. The client swiftly approved the solution. Apart from the fields themselves, the infrastructure team installed a water flow system — including drinking fountains, irrigation, and storm drainage — as well as overhead stadium lighting. Throughout the intricate process, RNGD maintained absolute control over materials and logistics, optimized cycle times for sand deliveries, and executed on-site operations with the utmost efficiency.


Lasers, GPS, and pinpoint precision.

RNGD’s infrastructure team readily embraced cutting-edge technologies to maintain accuracy in laying out the four fields. To achieve proper elevations throughout the site, the team utilized machine control with the Trimble Earthworks grade control platform system to track dirt and sand levels across the field as they were laid out. Through close collaboration with the project engineer, the team transformed real-time field data into actionable insights using Excel spreadsheets. The deployment of drones equipped with lasers also facilitated the acquisition of pinpoint-accurate topographic surveys, enabling the infrastructure team to analyze existing site grades with unparalleled precision. This data-driven approach not only expedited the collection of crucial information but supercharged the decision-making process. The result? Significant cost and time savings with unparalleled project efficiency.

A field is never just a field.

Parc Des Familles’ new multi-purpose fields allowed RNGD to expand its horizons far beyond the realm of linear utility work. The infrastructure team actualized the client’s vision through adept plan analysis, harmonious coordination with diverse stakeholders, and diligent execution,  ultimately enriching the community’s recreational landscape. The Jefferson Parish Recreation Department’s unwavering belief in the park’s regional potential as a recreational and tournament destination underscores the profound impact of park enhancements. For RNGD, opportunities to work on projects like this go beyond business when they actively enrich the region around us. That’s why a building is never just a building, and a field is never just a field.