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Maison de la Luz

Size of Project

55,000 SF

Number of Keys



New Orleans, LA


546 Carondelet Partners, LLC




Historic Renovation


Completed in 2018


EskewDumezRipple+ / Impetus Design-Build MEP


The highest level of expertise.

When you step into Maison de la Luz, you feel “it.” It’s something indescribable—exclusive, alive, and serene all at the same time. It’s another world. To bring it to life, Domain Companies called on RNGD to lead and carry out Atelier Ace’s luxury boutique hotel concept in a former city hall annex. This luxurious 55,000 sq.ft., 67-room boutique hideaway would contrast with its lively neighboring sister, Ace Hotel, but involve the same meticulous attention to detail. Maison de la Luz was planned as a new elevated stay and experience, requiring an aggressive schedule, proactive communication, and intense collaboration with the designers, the architect, and the owner. It required the highest level of expertise, craftsmanship, and detail; all to enhance the historic renovation within a 12-month schedule—or, as we like to call it, a welcomed challenge.

Unraveling a building.

Within this once office-filled historic building, a newly constructed French-inspired hotel was about to come to life. But unraveling a building that hadn’t seen an update in decades comes with the unexpected. As demolition reached its end and walls were beginning to be laid out, the RNGD team discovered that the column grids and floor plates varied from floor to floor. A challenge like this can upend some projects. For the RNGD team, it was another opportunity for growth. We worked with the architect to shift the drawings while maintaining progress. Major historical work included repair, repainting, and revitalization of the exterior façade. To reuse the unique character of the lobby, we refurbished the two grand staircases and updated the elevators. And the existing checkerboard floor was an instant statement that bolstered the atmosphere of the building’s new chapter.

A non-traditional sequence.

With our Design Forward approach, we worked to meet the creative development needs of LA-based designer Studio Shamshiri and local designer EskewDumezRipple while keeping construction on track. To accomplish this, the project was completed in a non-traditional sequence. RNGD maintained overall progress while the interior drawings continued to evolve—essentially, building and designing in tandem. To boost the process, the RNGD team utilized 360-degree cameras to document work, which created a point of reference for trade partner meetings where we discuss points of progress or opportunities for accelerating the schedule. delays. Our relentless partnership mentality kept all stakeholders accountable, including the RNGD team.

Align intent with constructability.

Maison de la Luz is the gem of Carondelet Street—a siren of hospitality that calls out to the world. The luxury boutique hotel opened in 2018 to wide acclaim and international attention with a multitude of travel awards and recognitions. Its design and build-out have graced the covers of magazines and newspapers, heralding in a new experience for guests. For us, it’s proof that the RNGD style of approach, process, and collaboration isn’t just an idea. It’s a methodology. With the challenges at hand, the RNGD team worked collaboratively with the designers to align intent with constructability. Our robust partnership approach managed the undulating schedule, sequencing, and quality control. After all, the RNGD team doesn’t shy away from chaos. We thrive in it.