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H3C Urban Mixed-Use and Affordable Housing

Size of Project

210,000 SF

Number of Units



New Orleans, LA


Gulf Coast Housing Partnership


New Construction


In Progress


CCIWIV Architecture LLC


Culture, commerce, and community.

It’s the people that make New Orleans. That’s why housing and healthcare are so important in this city. Gulf Coast Community Housing Partnership (GCHP) looked to further prove that with H3C: a 210,000 square-foot, three-building complex with 192 units and a healthcare center located in the former parking lot of Brown’s Dairy. GCHP would reserve ninety-two units for residents aged 55 or older and eligible for Medicaid. The project’s location holds significant meaning as H3C derives its name from Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard and the corridor’s longstanding principles of culture, commerce, and community. Brought on as Lead Contractor, RNGD was awarded the challenge of developing and constructing H3C through vertical integration of the company’s core capabilities including infrastructure and steel fabrication and erection. Delving into the initial stages, the RNGD preconstruction team faced a unique test that had them navigate more than just planning and pricing, but the volatile supply market impacting projects nationwide. Fortunately, our Renegades know that planning forward begets building forward.

Connected in a remarkable way.

Seamless connection creates exceptional workflow. H3C was another dynamic exercise in RNGD’s vertical integration credentials, engaging our in-house infrastructure and prefabrication expertise. Infrastructure provided the essential services below the surface through earthwork and site preparation, along with all site utilities and tie-ins with city infrastructure. Our steel team contributed to the building’s visible aspects and residential flow with structural bridges, stairs, and elevators. Their team produced and installed all structural steel components, including decking, site railings, structural concrete podium railings, and stairs on the Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard-adjacent bridge. RNGD also fabricated all handrails for five sets of internal wood stairs. Contributions were made to elevator components and shafts, coupled with pit ladders, which were created and installed for roof access. In the lobby area, RNGD’s custom architectural fabrication team designed, fabricated, and installed Maple woodwork panels and integrated seating. In total, the weight of materials, including structural and miscellaneous components, amounted to 200 tons.

First Fitwel-certified building in Louisiana.

Aside from design and construction, H3C is unique in its practical, health-driven design. Working with CCWIVArchitects, this project is the first Fitwel-certified building in Louisiana. Fitwel, a building rating system created by the CDC, guides building design and operations to improve the overall health of the occupants. That challenged RNGD to meet both defined rating scores for each building’s thermal envelope and green building standards. We also handled the execution of the design’s accessibility layout of stairs, ramps, and walkways. Along with its health-focused goal, the building would still need to defend itself against flooding. Our team installed a permeable parking lot as a “green element” and a mechanism to limit water intrusion. The porous quality of the lot allows stormwater to filter through a series of stones and a geotextile grid, slowing rainwater’s movement and catching impurities before draining into the city’s water system.

Sustaining New Orleans’ citizens.

H3C holds the promise of a brighter future. The development can change what it means to access both affordable housing and healthcare in New Orleans. But it’s only the beginning. For RNGD, H3C is a type of love letter of self-perform construction, setting us apart as True Builders in the industry. Our team of thinkers and builders elevate the construction process and navigate it intuitively — anticipating the challenges of labor, materials, and the unexpected obstacles that roll in on any given day. H3C isn’t just a new set of 192 residential units for the city. It’s the opportunity to age in place. It’s healthcare delivered to those who need it most. It’s a community center that uplifts residents. It’s the active support of New Orleans citizens in a vital neighborhood. And for RNGD, it’s another opportunity to take care of our home.