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Copper Vine Winepub & Inn

Size of Project

25,000 SF

Number of Keys



New Orleans, LA


Brechtel Hospitality




New Construction


Under Construction


Studio West Design and Architecture


Invigorating the CBD’s nightlife.

Every business evolves, and so do the structures that house them. RNGD proudly drives those transformations. Brechtel Hospitality, RNGD’s first and repeat client, was ready to transform Copper Vine Winepub, a beloved spot in the Central Business District (CBD), into a 25,000-square-foot hospitality expansion called Copper Vine Winepub & Inn. Alongside this expansion, the second-floor Vintage Rock Club is also seeing an upgrade, with additional seating and screens, renovated restrooms, an exclusive VIP area, and new decorative finishes to the interior. Copper Vine’s next chapter features its biggest enhancement yet: a new three-story inn with 11 luxurious rooms and a sprawling 6,000-square-foot rooftop bar offering panoramic views of the New Orleans skyline. Set to inject new energy into the heart of the Poydras Street corridor, Copper Vine’s expansion was an opportunity for RNGD’s team to work, once again, with Brechtel Hospitality on a project that invigorates the nightlife experience in areas often ignored by other developers. For us, it’s not just another project. It’s a testament to our execution in reimagining spaces and setting new standards for hospitality and entertainment in our vibrant city.

Elements to enhance and expand.

The cornerstone of this project is the meticulous renovation of the first and second floors of the existing structure, including the kitchen and dining areas — all while Copper Vine continued its operations. This demanded precision planning to ensure zero disruption to the daily rhythm of business. Unlike the new structure, which enjoyed the luxury of uninterrupted construction, the existing building remained open with only one  17-day closure. During this brief interlude, Entergy, the local power authority, replaced the old underground transformer system to support the impending expansion and drive more power to the building. Our team didn’t miss a beat, operating with a temporary generator to ensure the project stayed on its trajectory without a hitch.

Accuracy is everything.

While navigating around an active business was a familiar challenge, we encountered some unique surprises courtesy of New Orleans’ mysterious underground. Beneath the parking lot designated for the new addition, we discovered an old elevator pit and some buried steel remnants. Ironically, the pit was near the location of the new elevator, which required complete removal of all its components. RNGD’s team dismantled the remnants and removed the obstructing piles, followed by strategic placement of new sheet piles to fortify the foundation and optimize the site conditions. The project faced another twist when an outdated survey threw off the alignment between the new foundation and the existing building, putting the new addition six inches further west of the existing building. In response, a new survey was conducted. The team relaid the foundation and adjusted it until the new lines of construction were perfectly flush against the existing building. Accuracy is everything to our Renegade team, even if that means starting again.

Pivoting with finesse.

Slated to finish in early January 2024, the Copper Vine Winepub & Inn and Vintage Rock Club renovation project is a revitalization of the CBD’s entertainment and hospitality scene and a statement of intent. As our client says, “We believe in this section of the CBD and what’s coming.” A meticulously crafted plan is essential, what sets RNGD apart is our unwavering confidence and ability to pivot with finesse. While some may attribute their wins to luck, we know it’s a testament to our non-negotiable commitment to excellence. The RNGD team breaks down plans and processes to their bare essence, finding creative solutions that keep the project’s momentum surging forward. Because it’s not just about enhancing the potential of neighborhoods; it’s about redefining what’s possible.