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Palmisano LLC, Fast-Growing Construction Firm Based in New Orleans and Expanding into New Regions, Rebrands as Impetus

While Palmisano was established with a desire to challenge the status quo and build a better world, we started in a manner similar to the vast majority of construction companies being named after the Founder. On the quest to Break New Ground, Palmisano has decided to rebrand as Impetus.  We realize that the construction industry needs to evolve in order to continue its legacy of hard work and partnership.  For our new identity, we searched for a name that embodies our ethos; one that is representative of forward momentum in the construction industry.  Our renegade spirit is alive and well, and had significant influence on how we got to our new identity.  This evolution is being driven by our team and truly embodies the definition of Impetus, the force which makes things happen. 

We are growing.  In fact, we’re embarking on an exciting and significant path of expansion, both geographically and in terms of our capabilities.  Part of our strategy includes acquiring other brands.  All of this together led us to take a good look at our own brand and, in so doing, we concluded this was the right time to make a change.  We realized that the old name potentially suggests an emphasis on the Founder, while our history is one of humble servant leadership where everyone sweeps the floors and no member of the team is above any task.  As we look to the future, we want to remind ourselves – and signal to everyone else –  that we are a different kind of company seeking to make a real difference in the industry and the world around us.

In practical, day-to-day terms, this name change will not impact our team, trade partners, or clients as our legal entity, culture, and philosophy will remain the same.  Overall, we believe it will serve as a constant reminder to work toward change for the better, for our customers, our industry, our colleagues and even our world.  Building on our growth and success in the Greater New Orleans Region, Impetus recently opened an office in Nashville, TN, one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country, as well as an office in Salt Lake City, UT.  Further expansion is expected.  Whether it’s on a new project, entering a new region or implementing new and better ways of doing things, at Impetus we always Break New Ground.

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