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Our Advantages

Delivering better outcomes through
a better process.


We gain a complete understanding of the value stream opportunity for each project, giving us the insight needed to deliver success.

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By being part of the planning process early, we create an overwhelming portion of a project’s success before we even break ground.

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We have set a standard for quality that enables us to make the best
decisions for our clients.

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Reliability of Scheduling & Delivery
  • Decreased Budget or Timeframe
  • Communication & Transparency
  • Reduction of Waste
  • Value Stream Analysis and Application

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Our transparent approach results in the highest level of efficiency
and the highest quality construction.

  • True Partnership
    We align our methodologies to our client’s vision. Building with a partnership mindset, we collaborate and share a single goal of achieving the design intent.
  • Single Point of Contact
    Everything we do streamlines the process. Throughout every phase of the project, we are in constant communication with our clients, keeping them apprised of progress.
  • Increased Speed of Construction
    With the capability to execute every discipline of construction, we’re able to expertly and proactively manage every aspect of a project, creating efficiencies that reduce time to completion.
  • A Beneficial Network
    We believe in actively building and fostering the most impactful relationships in the market, connecting our clients to every resource that ensures the best outcomes.

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Our Difference

Clients come to us for our market-leading, end-to-end solutions that include a
comprehensive set of skills used to elevate every phase of construction – all in one place.

Design Forward

There are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of hands involved in any building project. The best work comes when they’re all working together. Unlike other contractors, we prefer to work hand-in-hand with architects during the design and preconstruction phases to ensure that their vision, down to the smallest details, is what they see when the project is complete. We take on this additional responsibility because it results in a better finished product for our clients. We don’t just stand behind this process. We guarantee it.

The RNGD Guarantee

True Builders

Every person that carries the RNGD name is a True Builder. This philosophy permeates our entire company, as we constantly look to grow our capabilities in service of our clients and our craftsmanship. It can be seen in our self-perform work, handling everything from millwork and carpentry to concrete and steel, to utilities and sitework. We believe in a multi-faced workforce highly trained in construction, prefabrication, and manufacturing. We are True Builders committed to the craft of a job well done.


Some companies fear change. They want to do things like they’ve always done them. But us? We embrace it. That’s why we founded RNGD (Renegade). We are dedicated to discovering the next innovation that will allow us to build better, faster, and more affordably. We’ve already developed innovations in prefab and technology but we’re always looking for new ways to solve the old, vexing problems our clients face.

Applying our proprietary process, Relentless Pursuit, we guarantee clients a 10% reduction in budget or timeline, or our preconstruction services are free.

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Our Promise

The oath we make to our customers is backed by the confidence of knowing that our team possesses the deep knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the highest quality work every time we step on to a job site.

Save Ahead

To ensure strategic budget allocation, we recommend clients take advatage of our in-depth preconstruction process so we can carefully plan, assess, monitor, and measure every phase of execution.

Zero Defects

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. No matter the project, we strive to deliver work with zero defects, diligently coordinating throughout the entire construction process with a goal of eliminating rework activities, punch-list items, and product warranty recalls.

Safety Always

Protecting each other through efficient best practices is integrated into everything we do. Getting the job done is expected, but never more important than preserving the lives and health of fellow team members.

Never Finish Late

Our expertise enables us to build efficiencies into every phase of the construction lifecycle, allowing us to ensure that we hit every milestone and deadline along the way.


As builders we believe the greatest way to have an impact on the world is to leave less of an impact on it. That means always striving to use less resources and building for a sustainable future. We are well versed in LEED-certified building practices having executed several projects that meet the highest of sustainability requirements and goals. As experts in historic preservation, we are helping reduce waste by breathing new life into existing structures. Our focus on sustainability begins before projects start, from ordering accurate amounts of material to using sustainable techniques and installing energy efficient systems. At RNGD, we’re doing what we can to achieve greater sustainability for our clients and the planet.