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Trevor Adam

Field Leader

It’s multi-talented team members like Trevor that truly drive our company’s mission. Trevor was one of the first employees to join RNGD back in 2013, and since then, his collaborative approach, along with his 39 years of experience, has helped RNGD flourish into what it is today. As Field Leader , Trevor oversees all areas of the project from a field standpoint—scheduling, production tracking, safety, team dynamic, quality control, as well as process and procedure accountability. He maintains a consistent channel of communication with project stakeholders and works with his fellow team members to deliver results.

In his work, Trevor has found the evolution of construction fascinating, especially how technology has changed the game. With a wealth of industry knowledge, Trevor enjoys mentoring and sharing what he knows with team members coming up in their careers. When asked why he joined RNGD, Trevor responded, “Why anywhere else?” Apart from the team, Trevor’s been thoroughly impressed by the amount of growth and potential, saying, “The sky is the limit at RNGD if you want it.” 

From Metairie, Louisiana, Trevor’s honesty, loyalty, and work ethic make up his personality. He spends time with his wife of 25 years, Jennifer, as they raise their 14-year-old nephew. They also care for their three dogs and a duck named “Baby.” In his off-time, you can find Trevor hunting or fishing.  He loves to bow hunt for whitetail deer in Missouri every year and, when he gets the chance, he heads out to his camp in Mississippi for the weekend.

RENEGADE PHILOSOPHY: No matter what, no matter how bad, tomorrow is a new day!