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Ryan Nash

Field Team Leader

For Ryan, a dynamic team is everything. Being part of a great group constantly pushing itself is what drew him—and his 12+ years of industry experience— to RNGD. Beginning his company journey as Superintendent, Ryan successfully delivered multiple $100M+ projects on schedule and within budget. His cost-saving mindset, expertise in navigating complex challenges, and commitment to a safety-first construction site have been a boon to both RNGD’s clients and fellow team members. Ryan’s versatile approach comes from his deep knowledge of various types of construction.

As Field Team Leader for the Nashville and Huntsville offices, Ryan continues to support the Building team by delivering safe, efficient, and quality commercial construction projects while helping his fellow team members reach their long and short-term goals.

Originally from Hillsboro, Missouri, Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in construction management from Southeast Missouri State University. He’s a hardworking, loyal person that’s always looking for the next great adventure in improving himself or supporting others. Ryan enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling to new places with his loved ones when time allows.

RENEGADE PHILOSOPHY: Work hard, and don’t overcomplicate things.