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Glen Austin

Field Team Leader

With team members like Glen, RNGD can embark into the unknown. With his deep knowledge of various materials and critical methods—in all types of commercial construction—and his 21 years of experience and expertise, Glen is one of the most dynamic leaders at RNGD. He started his career in 1998 as a carpenter, and since then, his commitment, drive, and leadership have carried him through the construction industry. He arrived at RNGD in 2014 as a Superintendent, and his dedication through the field operations career path has led him to his current role as Field Team Leader.

Glen joined RNGD with a desire to be part of an innovative company that paves the way for the next generation in the construction industry. As a building team leader, he provides the necessary support and knowledge to efficiently execute projects in all aspects. He finds inspiration in mentoring and helping the people around him grow—assisting in communication and collaboration with fellow team members. 

Hailing from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Glen keeps a result-oriented mentality. With his track record of integrity, quality of work, efficient project delivery, and impeccable safety record, Glen is an essential asset to the RNGD team. He takes his work further by leading the curriculum and training of RNGD’s LEAN Practices and Last Planner System program. Outside of work, Glen enjoys spending time with his family, not to mention a good night’s sleep followed by a great cup of coffee.

RENEGADE PHILOSOPHY: There is always another way. Only focus on the problem for 5 minutes, then focus on solutions.