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DJ Benedetto

Team Leader

Inspired by his grandfather’s craft, dedication, and work ethic in the construction industry, DJ Benedetto knew he wanted to inspire his children as much as his grandfather inspired him. Armed with a degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Mississippi, DJ initially looked for opportunities in the oil industry. His focus shifted to construction as he went to work with a local engineering firm and earned his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of New Orleans. He soon learned about RNGD thanks to their bright green signs hanging across from his firm’s worksite. After learning more about RNGD — their unique projects, unparalleled culture, and growth-oriented focus as a company — DJ knew he wanted to apply, especially as he looked to develop into a Project Manager role. In 2018, he joined the team as an Assistant Project Manager.

Even with six years in the industry, DJ knew he had more to learn about project management. In joining RNGD, he wanted to be in a culture that fostered his learning process without reproach. DJ was encouraged by the RNGD team to grow his skillset and increase his knowledge base at every opportunity, including on the Sydney & Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden Extension at NOMA. “The people that work here care about what they do, but they also care that you’re getting a learning experience. If you don’t know or if you have a question, the RNGD team always keeps the door open. There’s not one person I can’t go to.” Most recently, RNGD entrusted DJ with one of the company’s largest projects by naming him Project Manager of H3C. “The common theme is RNGD is going to give you options and provide a roadmap for leadership, but they trust you to make the best decision for yourself.”

After five years, RNGD engaged DJ to reach that next level as a Team Leader for the company’s Nashville office. He knew this was a golden opportunity that would see his role evolve to combine both staff leadership and project navigation in a dynamic city. Reflecting on his experience at RNGD so far, DJ has no hesitation in calling it “fun.” Though challenging at times, he’s fully embraced his Renegade role through the company’s fearless pursuit of innovation. “Just knowing the change I’ve experienced with RNGD since I joined over five years ago to what the next five years look like, I just know exciting times, opportunities, and tremendous growth are on the horizon.”